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    CS5 support is falling down - the famous firewire issue


      As a loyal user of Adobe professioanl editing solutions for the last 10 years this past month has been a nightmare.  When I inquired about upgrading to CS5 from CS3 I was advised during an online chat with an Adobe person here on the site to upgrade to CS4 and because of the timing I would get a complimentary CS5 upgrade.  I purchased CS4 on April 14th and had so many issues it was never even used in the edit suite.  When CS5 became available I decided to cut my losses and decided if I was going to have to go through all the hoops I might as well only go through them once with CS5.  I have had numerous long discussions with Adobe "support" regarding various problems and now I am at the end of my rope.  Even though they say the are taking notes during our conversations each subsequent "support" person claims to not know most of the pariculars discussed in previous phone calls.  I didn't think I had to follow up each phone call with a note here but evidently that is the case.  Today I have a deadline to deliver content on TAPE to a national cable network and the series contract could be in jeapordy if I can't deliver the first of 26 episodes.  I CANNOT PREVIEW ON AN EXTERNAL TELEVISION MONITOR OR EXPORT THROUGH FIREWIRE TO MY MAIN DV DECK.  It is a deck I have used for YEARS with Premiere CS2 and CS3 and i NEVER had an issue like this.  I have been told repeatedly that the issue would be resolved and most recently on Tuesday of this week I was promised a callback between "1PM and 2PM" Central Standard time on Wednesday, THAT CALL NEVER CAME.  When I followed up with another call MOST of the days previous discussion was NOT in my case notes.  I was told my main Sony VTR and secondary JVC VTR were not HDV decks even though I have been using BOTH for many years for just that purpose and even though that didn't address the most pressing of all my issues which was just getting output through firewire to tape.  After a very frustrating call I was promised another callback "in an hour" by a "supervisor".  That call NEVER came.  Both Adobe "support" and PNY Quadro "support" claim that they have "never" heard of the firewire issue even though it is all over the forums at Adobe.  I will be posting this and every subsequent communication between me and Adobe on the forums, at Yelp and any other web sites that take reviews of professional video products.  For the record just some of my other issues include the inability to capture HDV from the Sony HDV deck I have been capturing from for years, Alpha Glow not working and no split screen when doing color correction in a number of effects where it is offered.   Also for the record I have tried turning off the MPE GPU acceleration to export to tape and that doesn't work either.  System is a Supermicro dual processor motherboard with lots of ram and a Quadro FX 3800 operating with 64 bit Windows 7.