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    adobe reader doesn't work

    Larry Mentor

      adobe reader worked fine up until about 2 weeks ago--site said i needed adobe 8 or 9--


      so i download  adobe 8.1.7 and it still doesn't work--i figured i'd delete the program and start over--now i can't delete it--tried to download adobe 9 but that didn't work--i still have adobe 8 , which doesn't work and i cant delete it


      any suggestions?



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          Hi I have a new computer, downloaded Adobe 9. Acrobat works but when I try to open Adobe it wont work and then there is a message about Acrobat and DDE??? I have windows 7. Hope someone can help me please.






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            Larry Mentor Level 1



            thank you



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              pwillener Level 8

              What was your previous version of Adobe Reader?  If it was very old, you should uninstall (not "delete") the old version before installing the new one.


              You wrote that you "can't delete" (uninstall?) it - what happens when you try?

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                cobygirl Level 1

                Hi you may be responding to the first post but mine is below his, different



                I am putting the free version on to a new computer from the Adobe website.

                I'm not transferring it. Same version on the old computer 9.3. It's all

                there but won't open. I have another program Ipod Media studio that is the

                same all downloaded but won't open. could it be something in the new

                computer's settings that I am unaware of, as I'm not that great with them!


                Thanks for replying



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                  Larry Mentor Level 1

                  i don't know what the previous version was--it's not there anymore.


                  I go to the Control Panel and to "add or remove programs", then to the Adobe

                  8.1.7--when i try to "Remove" the program the following  window appears:


                  "This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package

                  exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to

                  verify that this is a valid Windows installer patch package."

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                    PLEASE HELP


                    I am sorry I am posting here cant find how to start a new thread


                    I just purchased a new computer Windows 7, running office 2003

                    No matter what I try I can not open Adobe Reader, I installed all the previous downloads, reinstalled but nothing just nothing,

                    I rand the Support help but they want me to pay $39 US, just to help me on a free download.

                    It is just incredible that we have to battle like this.

                    Especially me as i am not computer literate at all.

                    I am finding it very hard to understand all this computer talk.

                    Can anybody please help me step by step but in Dummy Talk so I can fix this problem, I have alto of legal documents to download and get signed bu ti can open Adobe Reader.

                    Please help