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    I need some assistance (multiple choice questions)


      I have a job. It entails viewing an embedded video, candidates  will be responsible for the  question and answer portion. At the end of the  clip, consumers will be prompted to answer a series of questions. Can anyone direct me on how to set up a multiple choice setup in Flash.  Another wrinkle is  that if  answered incorrectly, the quiz will need to redirect them to that  specific portion in the video that discusses the correct answer.


      Any help will be appreciated.


      Thank you, Brian

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          Fumph Level 1

          the easy but tedious way to do that is have each answer a button and when clicked it either goes to the correct page or the certain spot in the video. Unfortunately I do not know how to go to a certain point in the video. Another way of answering would be to have radio buttons from the component view and code those to do what you want.