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    Custom Comments Script


      I'm using PHP/MySQL to populate an XML document which Flash is reading to create dynamic movie clip instances from a movie clip created in my library. Well, at least that's what I want to do. I'm still very shaky on how to do this. I could really use some assistance. Here's the layout.


      It's sort of the same as Facebook. A person enters an update, then people are able to comment on the updates. So, you've got two movie clips. Update and Comment. Whenever someone enters an update, a person can comment on it and that comment appears below the update. After the last comment, there's a small space and then a new update. So any updates after the first one will shift down based on how many comments there are.


      Also, inside each movie clip is a textfield that reads the xml for the update or comment specified.


      I'd just like a point in the right direction on this one, as I'm a little uncertain how to do it.