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    Audio sounds odd when rendered...


      I am having issues when I render my audio and video together in After Effects (I'm using a PC). When I preview the audio in AE, it sounds perfectly fine. Once rendered, it sounds weird... i don't know how to explain it other than it sounds like I'm talking into a tin can.


      I recorded the audio directly from a head set into Adobe Soundbooth. I never messed with the audio in Soundbooth; just saved it. I have tried importing the .asnd file directly into AE and render. That didn't work. I exported the audio to a WAV, imported and rendered in AE. That didnt work.  I exported the audio to a MP3, imported and rendered in AE. By the way, I am rendering the video to a .WMV file.


      The .asnd file properties:  sample rate is 48000 Hz. The duration is 5min 23sec. The file size is 118 MB.


      Does anyone think they can help? Thanks.