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    PDF to Tif conversion problem with grid images


      I am using the following code JSObj.SaveAs("C:\C\PDF_Docs\COJRC.tif", "com.adobe.acrobat.tiff") to convert

      a mutipage PDF file to indiviual tif files (one tif per PDF page). After converting to tif I then OCR the tif s  using the  Microsoft Document Imaging type library and create a text file from the tif.  Some of the PDF pages have images of grids with character data in them. The problem is that these grids are vertically oriented on the page and cant be ocr-ed  correctly. If I go into ADobe acrobat and manually choose file-export-image-tif the grid images are properly oriented. Is there anyway using vb.net that I can automate this so I can get horizontally oriented grid images or is ther a way I could accomplish the ocr to text step using the Adobe API objects.