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    License Error


      I have two books purchased and functioning fine thru Adobe Digital Editions.  For no apparent reason one of the books will no longer launch and the errors are below:


      Document is not licensed for this device type
      Document is not licensed for this machine


      I have not changed the pc or the program...one continues to function the other does not.


      I have had two poor experiences with tech support...any help would be appreciated.

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          I am having a similar problem. I purchased an e-book through a1books.com thinking that this will be a very convenient way for me to read this book as long as I had computer and Internet access.


          I do not have my own computer and am at my school's library all day every day, and on different computers. I was asked to install Digital Editions and then to download the book this way. After having downloaded it to my brother's laptop last week, I am now on my own at a library, and I have installed Digital Editions on here, but cannot view my book!


          I don't know how to view it! This is so ridiculous, why is it so hard to access something that I paid money for?!


          Is there any help with this issue? The error I  am getting is that the license is already in use or something of the sort, but I am the owner of the license!


          Thanks in advance.