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    Elements needed for a friendly user website?


      Sorry if I am posting this on wrong forum. I will be creating a website using ps cs4 and Dreamweaver cs4.

      What types of elements/code i need to know in order to include this on a website?=


           1.-User authentication...Only registered users will be able to download mp3s, Excel documents, Word Docs, Pdfs and watch videos.

           This website if for a our church worship team, for the purpose of bible studies and music training...


           2. Register user interactivity..so they can post a comment on either document or study they had download or watch.


      Thank you in advance for any help.

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          There are various techs/ways to do this but for a simple start, you need to look at some kind of login/password script, such as in PHP, many which are free on the net or at a place like www.hotscripts.com.


          Because it will be for a church, you can look at it from either the view that you'll need a really good security and spam-free system, or from the other of.. your audience might be limited so going all-out may not be required.


          Either way, you want to use a secure php script so spamming is reduced.


          You will also seem to need a forum/bullentin board system, again, you can find this in php.


          I would guess, however, by your questions you will have to elicit the help of a back-end programmer for those aspects as they are not as simple as front-end html.