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    new and asking questions


      1.  is there a web session or tutorial to get started rather than going through pages of documentation and still not understanding the flow?

      2.  how do you completely delete a project and all of its pieces?  i have a mess!

      3.  TOC:  i am taking a sample of a word doc and importing into robohelp and have done it several different ways.  first i kept the TOC as part of the word document and imported it but then prior to my first real page of documentation is this huge TOC (which i dont want to see).  Secondly, i removed the table of contents and tried to generate a TOC automatically thinking that the Headings 1 - 3 would be what generated it but i did not get any results.  Finally, when i am on the forums and people are taking screenshots of their setup, i see an actual TOC dialog window and i cannot find it.  i was able to access an area where i edited the conversion settings and there i thought i matched the HEadings from word to the Headings of RH but again, it didnt do anything different. 


      i think where i am is needing a 'get started' session to help explain the different ways you can import/link to word documents as well as how to create a TOC based on Headings. 

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I have some inexpensive guides that may help. Or you may wish to find a training class to attend.


          Cheers... Rick


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            Nick@Tag Level 2

            1. See ricks post, or jump in like I did - you find your way through eventually and the forum here is a world of useful information, as well the site Peter Grainge has done it full of helpful stuff http://www.grainge.org/


            2.Find the folder on your C:\ that has it and bin it, or stash it away somewhere - you never know you might want it again. Jkust start a new project from scratch. I tend to never delete any entire projects, I just store them away so they dont get in my way.


            3. The TOC pod can be found if you go into your Project Manager area on the left, scroll down to Table of Contents, there should be a default one that RH has built, double click it - that will launch the TOC window that your looking for, if not right click on Table of Content and select New.


            You can use the auto create option in the TOC window to build a new one, I believe that TOC is built based on your folder structure, not heading levels. If it doesnt work, you can drag content from the HTML Files folder on the left into the TOC. Once the files are in your TOC, you can move them to different levels if you wish.


            When you import your word doc, if you have your headings setup in the word doc, then those heading and their content can be put into seperate topics, to do this, import a new word doc, in the second screen where it says Word Document, select Edit, youll see the conversion settings window, use the drop-down and go to the heading levels 1,2,3 etc, and select the Pagination check box, this will create a topic for each heading level. I think thats what your refering to.


            Good luck.



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              newtoRH2010 Level 1

              hi rick,


              thanks for responding.  what kind of inexpensive guides do you offer?  i have looked for training but i have not yet purchased robohelp but am doing a quick evaluation of what it offers.  if i could get a couple of simple questions answered then i would be able to continue on because its stupid things like i looked for hours for:   1.  how to delete a project (and i mean all remains of a project) and 2.  i could not find the Table of Contents dialog window and i looked through every button, every pane, every menu option and i just couldnt find what i saw on the forum that controls some of that and 3) when i imported the TOC it shows as the first page to my entire document and i dont want it.  uggggggggggggggg......


              its frustruating because i am doing this quickly and need results so we can contine with the purchase.


              i would be interested in knowing what types of guides you might have that gives process oriented informatoin in a more detailed way.





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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi Lori


                If you visit the link below you will see what is offered. Of course, we are always happy to answer questions here if you like.


                Click here to view


                To delete a project you first close it in RoboHelp. After all, you don't wan't RoboHelp to wander around all bug eyed looking for the rug it was standing on.


                I've been using RoboHelp since 1992 and admittedly I'm a bit confused by your mention of:  i could not find the Table of Contents dialog window.


                Do you mean the Table of Contents editor where you adjust what you see in it? Or do you mean the dialog where you configure options for a CHM output or maybe the dialog where you change book and page image for WebHelp?


                Cheers... Rick


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                  newtoRH2010 Level 1

                  i found Content Settings dialog window when i create a new project and imported a word document.  then from there i click the edit button (on the next screen) and accessed the Conversion Settings dialog window (screenshots are attached they wouldnt go in the email)


                  the one below i cant find.... 


                  this one is the one i cannot find.  i found the other one during the import