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    Problem Publishing Handouts to Word 2003


          I am having a problem publishing from Adobe Captivate 4 to Word 2003.  I have followed all steps to create the file:


      1. Open an Adobe Captivate project.

      2. Select File > Publish.

      3. In the Publish dialog box, select Print.

      4. In Project Title, enter the desired name without the filename extension (.doc).

      5. In Folder, enter the full path for the folder in which to save the file or click Browse to locate the folder.

      6. Select an Export range. The export range is made up of the slides that you want to export to Word. You can select all slides, the current slide, a selection, or a range of slides.

      7. In Type, select Handouts.

      8. Select from the following Handout Layout options:  Use Tables In The Output, Slides Per Page, Caption Text, Add Blank Lines For Notes, etc.

      9. When you finish, click Publish.


      The problem occurs when I open the Word doc--all slide notes and info is there, but the images themselves are not in the Word doc.  I have tried publishing as a storyboard, lesson, handout and step by step--the issue occurs in all scenarios.



      Thank you!