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    create slideshow in flash for tv presentation


      Hello, I am creating a flash slideshow that is going to be displaying on a tv behind our counter at the company I work at.  There are a few things I was wondering about, and if anyone could help me or direct me to a site that has help that would be great!

      Pretty much I want to create a flash slide show, which is showing only 9 different slides right now, but down the road that might be over 50 slides.  Is there a way cut down the size of the file?  Right now I have the slideshow at 24 fps to have smoother animation when the slide comes up full screen.  The animation consists of a slide starting very small in the center, and then enlarging to the full screen.  My animation is over 3000 frames right now, and I don't want the file to get to big.

      My next question is there a way to have a slide re-appear every 2 or 3 slides?   We want to have a slide that shows every few slides to inform our customers important information while they are waiting.  This will become very helpful when the flash file becomes over 50 slides.

      I really appreciate feedback, and I am using flash cs3 right now.