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    Livecycle- Forms >> PDF can you make changes?


      I have a question regarding form making


      I have created the content of the form in word ..I then created a PDF and started adding checkboxes, textboxes..etc. THAN, I realized that I have to omit some things out of the content. Will I be able to do that through livecycle? Or do I have to make changes in word and then start everything all over again in livecycle?



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          pguerett Level 6

          Depends on how you import the word document. One option is to turn the word doc into an image and then lay your fields on top. This will make your pdf form exactly like the owrd form. If you need to change something in the back ground image you woudl have to do that in Word then you can update the image in Designer (under the Edit menu there is a replace Artwork option).


          If you import the document and translate all of the objects to native objects then any and all changes woudl be made in Designer.