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    change property of component with the propertys name



         I have an application that has a TextArea (id=texto), and also a component that in a certain moment will try to change the TextArea's property "text" to a certain value. In the component I have two strings, one holding the name of the TextArea's property: "text", and the other one with the future new value of that property. What I want to know is how can I change, in the component, the property of the TextArea with only having it's name.


      Look at the big line, that kind of shows what I want to do, I know that that's not possible but maybe there is some way you can show me to do what I want


      Example Code:




                <mx:Text id="texto" width="100%" height="100%" />


                <local:Componente id="Principal" />




           <mx:Button  click="clickhandler"/>




                  private function clickhandler():void {
                          var aux:String = "text";
                          var aux2:String = "Hi this is the new text";                           

                   parentDocument[texto].setPropertyByName(aux) = aux2;












      Thanks for your help


      Sebastián Toro O.