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    How do I stop preloader frames when movie already loaded?

    Go for Joy

      I have a CS5 FLA file with AS 3.0 with the following code for the preloader:


      var pct_load:int = Math.round(framesLoaded/totalFrames*100);

      if (pct_load == 100) {


      } else {

      load_txt.text = pct_load + "%";





      The preloader is in the first four frames -- it's just the background photo, a graphic logo, and the loading numeral text.


      Everything runs great the first time it's loaded; then if you refresh the page, the graphics in the first four preloader frames flash on the screen before the movie plays.


      Is there any way to tell it to skip those first four frames and go straight into the animation if it's been loaded before? 


      Thanks so much!