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    Sandbox error, crossdomain loading Images dynamically


      I have a following image:
      <mx:Image id="listakuva1" source="images/autoListasivu.jpg" complete="handleImageComplete(event)" />

      And because I have to scroll the image, I have to turn the smoothing on when complete:

      private function handleImageComplete(event: Event): void {
      var bitmap: Bitmap = ((event.target as Image).content as Bitmap);
      if (bitmap != null) {
      bitmap.smoothing = true;

      This works fine. But then I want to change the image when user does something:
      listakuva1.load("new image in another domain via URL");

      And it gives me security sandbox error. I googled and I found that I should put:
      checkPolicyFile = true;
      to somewhere but I can't figure out WHERE!

      The images are still loaded without the warning but the smoothing-function is not working.
      PLS Help.

      BR Timo