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    Can dreamweaver swap multiple images then swap them again?

    Peter Danko



      Please go to: http://www.peterdanko.com/peterdanko.com/nue_group2.html


      Before I tell you what I want to know if it is possible to do, I want you to look at this page and notice 3 things


      1. notice all the little drawings at the bottom of the page

      2. notice the photo of a chair above on the left

      3. notice the arrow to the right of the chair.


      I already know how to swap images.  When the mouse goes over each of the little drawings below, it will switch the image above on left.  Now, what I then want to do is to be able to mouse over the arrow to the right of the photo and have that photo switch to the upholstered version of that image.


      Is this possible?  If so how?