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    DW CS4 does not show CFCs defined in a site

    cheftimo Level 2

      When I used my DW CS4 components panel about 3 weeks ago, everything was working fine, I could see and work with all my CFCs.


      I went back to use that panel 2-3 days ago and now see that it only shows CFCs when you select the “Show all CFCs” option. There, only those under ‘CFIDE.’ and ‘gateway.’ show up, plus one label ‘<none>’, under which 3 CFCs that belong to a configured site appear – I take it ‘<none>’ means those CFCs are not within any site.


      When I select “Show only current site’s CFCs”, I get a window that says “There are no CFCs defined in the current site”, which sucks because there ARE over 100 CFCs in the selected site.


      I have already tried the following:


      • Per instructions in the      DW FAQ forum, deleted the DW configuration folder – which gets re-created      when I re-launch DW.
      • Removed and re-created      the site in question.


      Neither of the above has fixed the problem, so I still get that window that says no CFCs are defined.


      Has anyone had a similar problem?


      Any ideas on how to fix this would be very much appreciated.


      Best regards to all,