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    GoPro Video


      I tested the GoPro today and the footage barely plays in QT on my 64-bit Vista 3.2GHz quad system.  Canon's 7D H.264 QT file plays poorly on my timeline, but is listed correctly as a 1920x1080 file with the other files specs listed correctly.  The GoPro 1920x1080 H.264 MP4 file flat does not work in PPro CS4.  It lists as a 16x32 pixel video, length etc in absent or incorrect.  The video displays as a green box 16x32 pixels and hangs the computer for a while when you try to play it.


      I know CS5 makes better use of resources and offers support for these file types.  I am about to upgrade, but I have to go out on a job in a week using the GoPro to acquire footage.  Does anyone know if CS5 solves all problems with this type of footage and I should expect the GoPro footage to play fine in my sequences?  Does it matter that I'm using a Matrox Mini02 and a corresponding Matrox HD 1080p timeline?


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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Does it matter that I'm using a Matrox Mini02 and a corresponding Matrox HD 1080p timeline?


          It may not help; anything that starts with "MATRO" and ends with an "X" is suspicious to me, but I may be biased.


          Can you send me a link to a short GoPro clip, max 5 seconds, to download and try with CS5 by PM.

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            buck-w Level 1

            Here's a link to a test I sent my client.  There's a couple of raw GoPro videos on there

            . Thanks.



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              HI, been using my GoPro with 720 60p as well as 1080 30p in Premiere CS5.  The files play back fine off my PC. i7 920 and even on my laptop with T7700 processor and internal drive.  Also using VLC Player as well, no issues whatsoever.  I mix the 720 60p footage with 720 50p footage from my EX1 and it works great with MPE as it does not have to be rendered to play back in an EX 720 50p timeline (on the PC).  Hope this helps.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7



                I downloaded the clip, imported it in PR CS5 and dragged the clip to New item. That automatically creates a new sequence with the proper settings:


                28-5-2010 12-11-06.jpg


                and the clip plays fine. Maybe you can use these sequence settings in CS4 to edit this material.

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                  buck-w Level 1

                  Great to know it works.  I figured it would, but nice to have that confidence.  I was going to upgrade anyway.  I guess I'll do that now

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                    Gonzchi Level 1

                    Hi  no need to upgrade because of this, really.

                    The problem with CS4 and the GoPro HD is the MP4 container. If you just re-write the container it works perfectly OK. You can do that with mpegstreamplip . Check this:





                    GoPro HD must wave something non-standard in the way they build the cointainer. It seems many apps do not like it



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                      buck-w Level 1

                      Thanks for the info.  It is good to know these things.  I already upgraded.  I was going to anyway. I know someone else that just bought this camera and something tells me he'll need this info as well.  Thanks again.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        This happens all too often, IMHO. In the quest for smaller HD files, many camera mfgrs. tweak things, leaving the resulting files difficult to edit smoothly. Too many are focused on producing material for viewing, or posting directly to the Web, and give too little thought to the user editing that material.


                        I understand the desire to get more recording time, at high quality, onto fixed-size media, but they short-change their customers.


                        Thanks for the MPEGStreamclip rec.



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                          Clayton Ebeling

                          Why use Mpegstreamclip? All of you are on Adobe like me, just use Adobe Media Encoder. No need to install a 3rd party freeware app when you get Media Encoder by Adobe. I always try to stay in the same family of apps. Plus when exporting out of Pr (Premiere Pro) it uses Media Encoder.


                          Hope that helps others reading this in the future. In order of apps I use almost daily, for work and home...

                          1.Media Encoder

                          2.Chrome (Browser)


                          4.Premiere Pro


                          Clay E.

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                            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            I have been using the GoPro(2) for a while now and it works perfectly in CS5/5.5/6.

                            If your machine cant handle the mp4 then you can convert them to Cineform avi with Cineform Studio.

                            You need Cineform Studio anyway to update the firmware of the GoPro.

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                              Clayton Ebeling Level 1

                              Ann is right Hero2 works just fine in CS5-6.  Transcoding is cool and all but, I'm all about Time saving and File sizes. Why make a 16G card from your Hero2 (or original) over 100+ Gigs by transcoding, which can take a long time. If you can edit Native, thats the way to go. I bet most dont put their GoPro footage on the Big Screen (AKA the Theater). So your Hero footage should be .mp4

                              Take your card content (gopro100) folder and copy it to your Storage Drive (or HD) then in Pr (Premiere Pro) make your sequence AVCHD 720p30(1280x720p29.97fps)* If you shot in 1080p30(1920x1080p29.97fps) then choose AVCHD 1080p30.

                              Then import the raw/native .mp4 files from the folder and start editing.


                              *I use 720p at 30 or 60 frames, 1080 is overkill file size for me. I set the sequence to 30fps also because I can slow down 60fps down to 50% and it still has plenty of frames to look smooth. For me Less is more (less=smaller file size but still looks amazing, more=more footage/time). I do the same with DSLRs


                              Clay E.