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    Problems with MediaPlayer.bytesLoaded updating for ImageElement




      I use Sprint 10 (0.95). MediaPlayer.bytesLoaded property is not updating in the case using ImageElement as source media for MediaPlayer.

      Correct load progress bar to make impossible. Actual values are 0/bytesTotal or bytesTotal/bytesTotal only for _mediaPlayer.bytesLoaded /_mediaPlayer.bytesTotal.


      Code sample:

      _mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer();
      _mediaPlayer.bytesLoadedUpdateInterval = 1;
      _mediaPlayer.addEventListener(LoadEvent.BYTES_LOADED_CHANGE, onLoadProgress);

      _mediaPlayer.media = _mediaElement; (_mediaElement is ImageElement)


      private function onLoadProgress(event : LoadEvent) : void

           loaderIndicatorProgressBar.scaleX = _mediaPlayer.bytesLoaded / _mediaPlayer.bytesTotal;


      Is this bug?


      Thanks in advance!