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    CF8: Can't find cfc

    kruse Level 1
      I have tried to use the new smart functions of CF8.
      But I think that there is some problems with the ajax support and CFC.

      The code

      <cfinput LABEL="Art" type="text" name="artname" autosuggest="cfc:art.lookupArt({cfautosuggestvalue})">

      result in a pop-up (I think that this is an AJAX error)

      Error invoking CFC /Art.cfc : Not Found [Enable debugging by adding 'cfdebug' to your URL parameters to see more information]

      But it seams to find the cfc because if I make a spelling mistake like art.lookupArtS I get a html error like this

      "The specified remote function lookupArts was not found on the CFC art."

      I have located the CFC in the same mapped directory (c:\applications\test) as the code requesting the cfc.
      But if I located the cfc in the webroot (C:\Inetpub\wwwroot) the cfc is found and it works correctley.

      Is it right that cfc's cant be found in a mapped area? Is there a work arround for this?