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    One more hide/show layer try


      Okay, is there no way to do this? I am just trying to "move" layers (hide) out of the way so that my drop-down menu can be read and THEN I would like the layers to reappear as soon as the user moves off the drop-down but NOT the link that creates the drop-down necessarily. I've tried nearly all of the events in the behaviors panel to have the images/layers reappear but they either reappear as soon as the user moves off the link or they never reappear at all.

      Or, is there another way to do it altogether?






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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          If you don't mind me asking, what version of Dreamweaver are you working with?  It is CS4/CS5 or is it an earlier version?


          I only ask because I am looking through your code and see the Fireworks menus inside plus the absolutely positioned layers and it appears to be wrecking havoc with the layers that won't re-appear.  There may be other ways to get the solution you are looking for.  Do you have an example of another site or an image showing the ultimate goal of how you want the page to be presented?

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            Fillpress Level 1

            Thank you for answering! Yes, the code is very likely a real mess. I use Dreamweaver because I am not a coder. The only stuff I know I get from Dreamweaver books. And, YES, unfortunately I am dealing with Dreamweaver 8 -- if anyone wants to buy me CS5, I wouldn't disagree . Anyway, I just want the drop-down menus to be readable, really, but the images get in the way. That's why I want them to disappear when the drop-down menu is dropped-down and reappear when the cursor is moved off of the drop-down menu. Right now, the only way that I am able to do that is to have the user 'refresh' the page...which isn't really an option. Does this make sense? And, no, I can't find any other page that I could use as an example (if I could, I would swipe THEIR code).


            I am wondering if I should just get rid of the drop-down and just have the pictures link to their own page. My friend (who I am doing this for) likes the drop-downs, however, so I have been trying to figure it out.


            Thank you,


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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Your page is cluttered and disorganized.  Not very professional looking. And the "menu" system you have now isn't working well.  Why don't you rebuild the page with a CSS styled drop menu?







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                Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                Nancy was a little more blunt about what I was getting at.  Dreamweaver, while it is a great tool, is not like Photoshop or Illustrator.  Just because it looks good in the program does not mean it looks good on the web.  This is the reason in CS4 (version 10) that Adobe implemented Live View and took it further in CS5 (which is the last chance you will have to upgrade before having to buy a new license).  Website design, like Flash, is more about programming. 


                And my question about asking the layout or examples of the goals was to try and see what the ultimate goal of website was.  What you were trying to accomplish visually.  It was not meant about ripping off someone else's work.  What I'm simply looking to find out is the vision that this client has for their website. And seeing if there is a better way to reach their goal through a more streamlined layout.


                As Nancy pointed out there are other systems, and I would have recommended the Widget Browser from Adobe, but that requires Live View (CS4/5) and then there are 3rd party extensions like those from Project Seven that do excellent jobs at integrating this functionality with Dreamweaver.