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    Signature in XFA PDF


      I need the help with signing Shell PDF.

      I have the XFA Form  and XML Data.

      XFA Form we have given from Czech goverment. We can't change it.

      In template of XFA Form is the signature widget, that generates PDF signature, and any javascripts for checking values.


      I used "FormsServiceClient.renderPDFForm" for generate PDF with data.

      Next I tried to sign by "SignatureServiceClient.sign" and response from ES2 is:

      ALC-DSS-300-008 The operation sign is not supported for Shell PDFs. A Shell PDF is a special type of static or dynamic XFA Form PDF, which contains XFA streams that are not in synchronization with the rendering available in the PDF version. See Signatures Service Documentation for more details. (in the operation : validateSignInputs)


      Than I tried to convert to non-interactive PDF by "OutputClient.generatePDFOutput2".  Result PDF I can sign, but I CAN'T export data from PDF.


      How can I to solve this problem?


      Thx Petr