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    Inline styles

    ashveer munilal

      Hi guys


      Quick question, I have webpage that has the paragraph as a container. That paragraph is <p align="justify" class="copy"> now the CSS "copy" has no alignment with the text. But I do have at the beginning of the paragraph a <span class="style8" style="text-align:center">PROJECTS<br />
                   (INDIMEZULU Trust & DEEP)</span> which I want to align to he center but still want the rest of that text in the paragraph to still justify. The problem is that the <span class="style8" style="text-align:center">PROJECTS<br />
                   (INDIMEZULU Trust & DEEP)</span> does not align that part of the text to the center.


      Any ideas wat im doing wrong??


      Here's a link to the site so you can view the code http://valhallaarts.co.za/Projects.html




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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          The only problem I see in your code is a nesting issue.  You have used the H2 tag around your topic title instead of the span tag that you show in the post.  The H2 tag is a header text tag and for valid HTML cannot be nested inside of a P tag.  The quick way to make the code valid would be to remove the <p> from the <img> at the top of that area and move it to just before the phrase "I believe" in the code.


          Also the "align" attribute for div tags are becoming deprecated, meaning they will no longer be supported as the web develops.  All styles are moving towards the CSS way of writing instead of the HTML way.  So instead of writing align="xyz" you would either assign the text-align to a CSS class or write "style="text-align:center;"".


          Lastly, your quote on the left hand side.  You have a <q> before and after the quote.  But the tag at the end should be </q> to properly close the tag.  Otherwise that can cause display issues.