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    How to alter instances of animated symbols

    Luis Ortega Level 1

      I am stumped as to how to use an animated symbol repeatedly in a timeline while being able to alter its visual qualities without breaking the animation motion.


      I make a simple 3-layer animation of a body with two legs doing a walk cycle in place.

      I convert the completed animation as a new graphic symbol in the library.

      I can then drag copies of that animated symbol to different timeline layers and alter their overall scales or give them each additional motions with a motion tween so various versions of it can move across the stage independently with tweens while keeping the walk cycle movements of the symbol.


      So far so good, but...


      I can change the colour properties of the added symbols but this only affects the whole image, so if the object had a body and legs in different colours, altering the properties changes all of the body parts to the same colour. Doing this does preserve the walk cycle motion, but the new object looks crude because it has become all one colour.


      If I break the symbol apart, I can then alter the visual properties of the components individually, but then it loses its animation motion.

      Whether I just group it again or convert it to a new symbol, it has lost the animation motion (the walk cycle of the legs) of the original.


      I can't figure out how to make such an animated symbol so that I can reuse it in the timeline while changing its visual properties (so it looks like a different character in the story) and yet keep its original animation motion.


      I have tried to duplicate the symbol and to copy and paste the motion but nothing seems to work.

      Can anyone please advise on what I may be doing wrong or if this even possible in Flash CS3?

      Thanks for any advice.

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          Hi Luis


          I suggest you could create each part of the body and legs as separate MovieClips (which converting to a symbol choose "Movie Clip" instead of "Grpahic0 and then form the whole body with these pieces.

          Now you could group all of the separate pieces in to a single MovieClip by choosing all of them and converting to a "Movie Clip" symbol.

          This way you could change the properties of each of the parts.


          Hope this helps.