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    Burning To D.V.D

    animationlife Level 1

      Hello Everyone.


      I finished my editing my movie, which setting in the Export section is the Best to Burn a D.V.D. I am using a PC, and I shoot the movie at 1440 x 1080 at, 30 fps.

      Also, is there a selection to burn to a D.V.D ?

      Thank you very much.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Depends on the version.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Compliant video to produce a DVD (per Encore forum)

            NTSC: 720x480 or 720x486 (or 704x480) at 29.97 or 23.976 fps
            PAL: 720x576 (or 704x576) at 25 fps
            Encode audio to AC3 or PCM for best player compatibility
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Through PrPro 2.0, you could Burn to Disc directly from PrPro, though doing all authoring in Encore was still the best choice.


              Now, you have HD footage, and mention DVD (not BD - BluRay Disc), so I assume that you wish to down-rez from HD to SD. Is that correct? If so, then this TUTORIAL might be very useful. Much will depend on the versions of the programs that you have. I would also do ALL down-rezzing outside of Encore, rather than try to get it to handle that operation in Transcode. Encore is an authoring program and not an NLE, like PrPro.


              As Harm asks, what version of PrPro are you using?


              Good luck,



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                animationlife Level 1

                Dear Mr. Hunt


                Once again thank you very much for your help, and also, Mr. Harm and other forum members.

                It is great to have you guys helping every one.

                I have the CS5 master collection


                I shoot with Canon 5D,,  which shoots at 1920 x 1080.  30 fps.


                I also shoot with Canon XHA1S,,  which shoots at 1920 x 1080 30 fps.


                I can also shoot at 24 fps, I have never shot at 24 fps.

                I am not Burning to Blue-Ray. I want to burn to a regular D.V.D,   with the best quality.I know  the regular D.V.D burns at: 720 x 480.  Is this correct ?


                I also want to burn to a D.V.D using MPG 1440 x 1080, and MPG 1920 x 1080 for my 5D camera.

                Which setting do you recommend for the Highest resolution.

                Thank you very much

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  See post #2 for the output format.


                  For editing I would use 1920 x 1080. The 1440 x 1080 material will be automatically adjusted to 1920 x 1080.


                  When finished editing, use Adobe Dynamic Link / Send to Encore.