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    Adobe Reader 9.3.2 local print error




      I have a lot of problems with Adobe Reader 9.3.2 and printig to local printers. I can print to my network printer just fine.


      When I try to print from pdf to my local printer I get this error (can't upload .jpg file:( Bellow is the error:


      "The instuction at "0x0012b7e8" referenced memory at "0x0012b7e8". The memory could not be "written".


      Click on OK to terminate the program
      Click  on CANCEL to debug the program

      Whatever I click on the printspooler crashes and I have to restart it.


      But I can print from PDFs to the network printers just fine, problem is only printig PDFs to the local printer (i tried Canon LBP-810 USB and LPT port, Canon LBP-2900).


      Could you please assist me with the solution?


      Thank you,


      BR, Damjan from Slovenia