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    How to bind data from custom flex component in Form Guides

    Ashok Deivasigamani Level 1

      Guys, I have a requirment in which a data grid with some coulmn being static(prefiled data) and some colum being dynamic where in the user can input data is present, I need the data binding between the dynamic columns of the datagrid to a data model property. I don't know how to bind the field. The bellow image shows how the data grid will be.

      dynamic binding.JPG

      Kindly help me on how to resolve the issue also. If you require more input in understading the problem, kindly write me back.

      The data grid this in the above image is not a standard component of the Form Guides, its a custom component developed in Flex, derived from Layout Template of the ga.module package.

      Please help me