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    Current Page - including URL parameters

    silstorm Level 1
      Not sure if this is actually possible, but figured it was worth a shot...

      I have a search page within which I am trying to allow some 'refine' functionality, for example removing certain categories from the search results etc.

      In an effort to keep down on the amount of code, my thought is that the simplest way of doing this would be to take the current URL, and simply tag on the extra parameter at the end, for example mydomain.com/search.cfm?q=phrase &remove=catid (bold being the extra added). This method seems preferable to trying to keep track of all the parameters - for example if the user refines the results numerous times.

      I tried using #getfilefrompath(getbasetemplatepath())#, however this doesn't include existing variables and I haven't been able to identify a tag that does. Any pointers very much appreciated!