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    Content aware delete key


      Started using PS CS5 few days ago, still playing around with the new features, but there is one that I can't figure it out why it was changed, the way the delete (or clear command for that matter) works. Now we have to use "command+delete" keys to just clear a section, or go another step when using just the delete key, to chose which one would you like, foreground or background color, pattern, etc. kind of a weird I would say. The content aware should be "command+delete", and keep the delete key along, I've used for more than 10 years and it worked fine.

      Anyway to bring the delete key behavior back to what it was?

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          Jeffrey Tranberry Adobe Employee

          The un-modified delete key on a background layer brings up content aware fill as a way to improve discovery of the new technology. The team that implemented Content Aware Fill decided that most users would want to use the Content Aware Fill on background images rather than filling an image with an arbitrary color. On floating layers, the delete key will remove the pixels and create transparency, and [Shift] + [Delete] will bring up the Content Aware Fill dialog.

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            m.soriano Level 1

            I realize that it is a new feature, but that should be an option, not a fixed feature you can't even change or re-arrange shortcuts to follow what we are used to for a long time, just my opinion, as you said, it should work on a background the same way as it does on layers, an option for content aware.

            Not too happy, I guess I need to adapt. Thanks you for your response.

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              KrisHunt Level 4

              I agree, this is very annoying. I think the content aware team is wrong; most people are far more likely to want to fill the background layer with a particular color than work destructively on the background layer with content-aware fill. As for people not knowing about the new content-aware technology without this change in UI behavior, that is plain crap. Give me a break. Who is going to spend hundreds of dollars on the upgrade and not know about the flagship new features?