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    GOPRO + Nikon DSLR

    Sprites better then coke

      Okay so I'm using CS5 and trying to work out if there are any issues with crossing different types of footage all together.


      I have already watched a few vids about using the DSLR setting but what I am trying to do is use:


      Gopro footage  720p @ 30  and 720p @ 60  1080p @ 30


      and Nikon D90 footage 720p @ 24


      And time lapse footage  (well they are just photos from my DSLR)  2144 x 1424 @ 15 fps  or 12fps (basically what ever frame rate looks smooth)


      I'm wanting to put all this footage in one comp/sequence!


      According to the video I watched, it said that its best to try and use the right settings with the video. The guy put multiple video files with different frame rates and resolutions in his comp but it was always from an DSLR so what I'm wondering is what is best for me in this situation as my source video is not all from DSLR?