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    Selecting path / anchor point

    ChristianAaltonen Level 1

      Hi guys!


      I am just browsing around the trial Ai CS5 version and there is something, which I do not really understand...


      When I use Selection Tool {V}, it works pretty fine, but when using Direct Selection Tool {A}, I can not select the path or anchor points. When I hover over them, the underlying path or anchor point highlights, but after click, nothing happens. When I move mouse out of the clicked object, the highlight simply disappears. There must be some kind of bug, because in the Layers Panel, there is the selection highlighted and after hitting arrow keys, the points, which I selected are moving - depending on which arrow I am actually pressing.


      So in the nutshell: When I am trying to select single point or just path, the selection is not visible, but the points are still visible.


      Thank you for your help!