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    Navigation Bar Help


      Working in Dreamweaver CS4.


      I have the base of my site built using CSS. I am ready to create my Navigation Bar. It consists of 5 "buttons" that are different images from one another and each one changes on mouse over. I tried a Spry Menu Bar but it looks like I cannot have a different image for each button - can only have a background that is the same for each button. What is my best way to create this?

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          Use CSS classes to style anchor tags (link tags) to look like  buttons.


          So you make your nav:




                                   <a class="button1" href="#">Button One</a>



                                   <a class="button2"  href="#">Button Two</a>




          And in your CSS, you style your links in your nav section to look like buttons.

          Like  so:



               /*add  whatever width, height, floats or other CSS to style your buttons*/

               background: url(../path/to/button1.jpg);



               background: url(../path/to/button1_hover.jpg);





               /*add whatever width,  height, floats or other CSS to style your  buttons*/





               background:  url(../path/to/button1_hover.jpg);





          Hope this helps.

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