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    Conversion from CS4 to CS5

    MCRoberts Level 1



      I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on a CS5 upgrade. I use PrPro CS4 and Encore CS4. In general, I edit AVCHD video in a PrPro project with multiple sequences. I dynamically link these into my Encore projects with multiple timelines, build my menus, wire it up and build DVD's and BluRays. I should mention that my menu buttons and thumbnails are also designed by me and imported from Photo Shop. I do this because I am a nerd and if there's a choice to be made between picking from a library of pre-cooked items and designing the items myself from scratch, I will always opt for the latter.


      I am about 1/2 way through a project right now and do not expect to be done for another 6 weeks or so but I'm enticed by the claims of performance improvements and the prospect of writing AVCHD directly to BluRay without transcoding.


      My question then: Will my PrPro and Encore projects from CS4 port smoothly into CS5 of same? Anything I should watch out for?


      My system was updated in January:

      HP Pavillion with Windows 7 Home x64

      1 TByte HD

      8 GB Memory

      ATI Radeon 3650 with 1GB memory


      Should I?

      All opinions welcome.


      Mark Roberts,

      Toronto, Canada