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    What's the easiest way to have datagrid including renderers disabled, with loading spinner?


      I understand how to fire my start loading / end loading events when a datagrid is being populated from external data. What I do not know how to do effecitively (and have been googling) is what's the best practice for making the datagrid appear as modal with a loading spinner on top of it?


      My train of thought of the approach is - onLoading,  Make existing datagrid not clickable, then set alpha to dim the current datagrid. Show a loading spinner on top of  the grid.


      I can set the alpha which gives it the modal appearance, but how to make it so the user can't click anything in the existing grid? Setting the grid to enabled=false sort of works, but there are some icons in an item renderer in the grid that at are still clickable. Do I have to manually disable all of them as well?


      Sadly, I'm suprised that googling for this hasn't turned up much. I know this must be a basic problem.