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    .mov files no longer reading Audio in AE CS5


      I just upgraded my computer (Vista 64) from Adobe Production Premium CS4 to Adobe Master Collection CS5.


      QuickTime has been updated to the latest version, 7.6.6.


      In AE, all imported .mov files will show the video just fine, but I can hear no audio.   The speaker icon will show up in the timeline, but if I view the Waveform, I now get two flat lines.   It is as if the Audio was -48.00 dB, but it is set to 0.00. I have even tried to push it up to +12.00 dB, but the Waveform displays only the flat lines.


      I have attempted to create a new project and import other .mov files of all sorts, and the same thing occurs - silence during RAM Previews (Audio enabled) and exporting movies (Audio enabled as well).


      To prove all is enabled as said, all .aif and .mp3 files are working just fine.  As are .mp4 files with their video.


      The issue is really only with .mov files.   Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          What codec are the .mov files using? Is there multi-track audio embedded, or just a stereo pair & where/how did the .mov files originate?

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            These .mov files are Quicktime Reference Files from AVID Media Composer.   I've been using this

            method for years without issues.   I may know what you're going to say - Re-export the

            .mov files using a different method.



            The .aif files are now acting up as well (from AVID).  As I  scroll the timeline left to right, the Waveforms will litterally  disappear, and my audio will go out of sync.  I can't find any rhyme or  reason to it.


            Unfortunately, within the time frame I have, I can't go back and re-do all of these files.  Plus I don't care for the idea that I have to change my routine to suit Adobe's potential flaw in the programing.

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              Would you be willing to try it on an abbreviated clip (1 second?) just to rule it out? Try not using a reference movie perhaps...

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                Sorry for the delayed response.


                It does appear to be that the Quicktime Reference files are the culprit.  I was confident I had re-exported Quicktime .mov files from AVID (prior to my initial post), but because of a deadline for a project, I went into a panic and obviously didn't think things over very well.


                Exporting clips from AVID as Quicktime Photo JPEG are working perfectly well.  The audio shows itself with no issues.


                That being said, I do hope a fix will come out for this issue.  For me to re-export my movie clips from AVID to AE and not use Quicktime Reference videos, the realestate on my hard drive is going to fill up much faster.

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                  I will have to say this is actually a major problem. I have the same work flow and for years have counted on the audio from the reference file to follow the video. Now I need to import the audio seperately, which in itself is not a major issue, but more of a hassle, and the idea of compressing twice, once out of Avid and then out of AE is a clog in workflow and a speed killer. If I was to guess, this may be an issue of AE's 64-bit vs. Quicktime 32-bit, but that is a quess. Will modify my workflow until everything is ironed out.