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    replacing images CS4 - must remove first - WHY?

    cathykimball Level 1

      Since I upgraded to CS4 in January (I Know, great timing) in my new Windows 7 system I have found several very annoying problems with simple tasks.

      1 - Every time I need to replace a path to an image or replace a link I find it is necessary to first remove the existing path or link to put the new one in . I just finished doing this in a site I picked up to manage for around 150 images, thus the frustration is fresh in my mind.


      2- When I choose to insert an existing CSS class or ID item I will choose the one I want from the dropdown list and click OK only to find that it defaulted to the first one on the list rather than the one I chose. This really messed me up until I discovered what was going on.


      3- When I go to st up a new site, rather than point to the folder I choose it goes to the next folder up from it. This means I have to type in the actuall folder that I am choosing.


      These may just be little annoying glitches but they can really effect work flow. Are these thing that others are experiencing? If so are there any fixes for these issues?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          1.  I've noticed it with design view, not when editing the path though.  And if there are 150 images that need to be maintained, I would have personally looked into gallery scripts to handle that in a database rather than editing tons of images and pages.


          2.  I have not experienced this so I cannot comment.  Is it reproducible?  If so you should submit a bug report: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          3.  This is a Windows specific bug that was introduced with Vista SP2 and Windows 7 launch.  I'm not sure that CS5 users are experiencing this but I have seen plenty of posts from CS4 and earlier versions that this problem does exist on those operating systems.  Unfortunately I do not believe a patch is available yet for this issue.