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    drawing lines in lingo (no sprites)



      I have a problem with a lingo script, I would like you can help me..

      I need to draw a line connecting two sprites by locH and locV, but when  you move one of these sprites the line has to be redrawed in the new  locH and locV.

      I tried with some lines sprites in the stage but there are so much  sprites and the movie is so much slow, so I changed the script and now  the lines are drawed like: _movie.stage.image.draw(sprite(x).loc,  sprite(y).loc, color).

      The problem is every time the lines are redrawed and there are  multilines in the stage and I need some script to "manage" the  stage.image like: 

      remove the stage.image
      draw the new line

      And I need just one line at time, without any sprite in the stage.

      The second problem is that these lines are over the sprites in the  stage, and I would put them down of some objects.

      Can you understand the problem? If somebody can help me it would be  great!