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    Installing ColdFusion 9 search services, after the fact.

    ilssac Level 5

      When I first installed CF9 on our Windows 2003, I only chose the Solr search services, thinking that the "ColdFusion 9 search services" was only for Verity, which we did not want.  Turns out, as best as I can tell.  ColdFusion 9 Solr Services will not work without the ColdFusin 9 Search Services.

      Can anybody quickly point me to documentation on how I can just install this ColdFusion 9 Search Service?  I'm hoping I do not have to do a full CF9 install again.

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Re-run the install, selecting the EAR/WAR file install type.  It'll create an EAR or a WAR, but will also give you the option to install the other services again too, without touching your existing CF install.




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            ke4pym Level 2

            There are stand alone installers for Verity and Solr.




            Or on your media in the Verity/Solr folders.

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              I appologize for asking a question on such an old post, but now that 9.01 is out, is there another way to do this. I am warry of installing 9 again on top of 9.01 and then updating again. I tried using the standalone server but it ended up breaking my install, I had to revert back via snapshot. Thanks for your input.

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                Adam Cameron. Level 5

                Is there anything in the 9.0.1 release notes that suggest there's any changes to those services?  If not, just doing the 9.0 install will probably be enough.


                Test in the lab first, obviously.




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                  jtc242 Level 1

                  I don't share your confidence that it wouldn't be an issue based on what it may or may not say in the release notes.....It would be nice if I had a lab. Unfortunately based on my readings it seems that I don't have any other recourse.


                  I will report back on how it goes. Worse comes to worse, I will revert back from snapshot.

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                    Adam Cameron. Level 5

                    Confidence has nothing to do with it; it's an educated guess.  And one that I said you ought to test first ;-)


                    It seems a bit remiss that you don't have a test environment..?




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                      jtc242 Level 1

                      I appreciate your comments and thank you for your advice. Not having a test environment isn't my choice. I have to make due with what I have. I will post back tomorrow after I give this a go.


                      Thanks again.

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                        I'm sure this is a long dead issue.


                        However from my recent experience on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 64 bit.


                        The [Stand Alone (Solr) Installer] available from the Adobe Downloads site (as of 12-30-2013) is significantly older than than the [Included (Solr) Installer] bundled with the post Verity retirement from both the 9 and 9.0.2 default installers.


                        It also seems to have a pathing bug in the Solr code itself which does not honor the provided Solr_Home path and "makes it up" and appends it to [any] user provided path, forcing the Multicores to exist only inside the /opt/coldfusion9/solr/ path


                        The Bundled (Solr) installer included in the new default 9 (aka 9.0.2 relabled) and the 9.0.2 Installer comes from a Solr distribution 8 months later, and no longer has this bug.


                        This is significant.


                        Because it means the collections path are [not] independent of the coldfusion9 installation directory and may have to to co-exist on the same file system. If you use the Coldfusion Administrator to create the new Cores (aka Collections) - if you try to create them outside the coldfusion9 installation directory with the Coldfusion Administrator, it will fail to copy the multicore/templates to the new core/conf and core/data directories. This affects the 9.0.1 release and the 9.0 if partnered with the 9.0.1 update or the Standalone installer for Solr.


                        However in the 9.0.2 Bundled Solr Installer it installs a later edition of Solr 1.4 which does not have the bug and the Coldfusion Administrator [can] be used to create collections with arbitrary paths outside the coldfusion9 installation directory.


                        As for installing, or reinstalling the Solr from the Bundled Solr Installer, it is not standalone. However as mentioned above -- you can re-run the installer from console or the gui using the -i <gui|console> switch to install (a "different" flavor) of the Coldfusion9 application server.


                        Ther are three flavors (a) standalone (b) multiserver, JEE (c) EAR or WAR, J2EE


                        If you installed it as (a) before it will not let you reselect that option again. The (b) option is possible, but I chose the (c) option, if asks a few questions like where to put the EAR or WAR file package when its done and then proceeds to offer to re-install the Bundled Solr install again, this time the installer (has to be run as the 'root' user) and I declined to reinstalled the Documents


                        Once it is done the Solr installed (if its re-installed to /opt/coldfusion9/solr at your choice) will be owned by the 'root' user, you might want to change this run as the coldfusion user on a UNIX/Linux system or some other user


                        The start up script in /opt/coldfusion9/solr/cfsolr has a bit of a "quoting" problem surrounding the SUCMD arguments. Even though most of the lines for the Linux) stanza are single strong quoted, the arguments to the SUCMD need to be double quoted so as not to be interpreted by the /sbin/runuser or /bin/sh as -X unknown arguments.


                        I don't pretend to be an expert at these things but finally to get the Coldfusion Administrator working properly I had to use the following settings:




                        remove the "F:\" line


                        <core name="solr1" instanceDir="/opt/coldfusion9/collections/solr1/"/>


                        create the directory manually; chown it to coldfusion



                        copy and chown to coldfusion to the solr1 directory




                        so that /opt/coldfusion9/collections/solr1 now has a /conf and /data




                        prep the cfsolr service for startup

                        cp /opt/coldfusion9/solr/cfsolr /etc/init.d/

                        chkconfig cfsolr on

                        service cfsolr stop


                        clear out any cruft from

                        rm -Rf /opt/coldfusion9/solr/work/*


                        start the cfsolr service

                        service cfsolr start


                        go to the Coldfusion Administrator page




                        +-> Solr Server


                        Configure Solr Server

                        Solr Host Name: localhost

                        Solr Home: /opt/coldfusion9/solr/multicore



                        +-> Add New Solr Collections


                        Name: Solr2

                        Path: /opt/coldfusion9/collections


                        [Create Collection]


                        Solr Collection

                        Name : Path

                        solr1   : /opt/coldfusion9/collections/solr1/data/index

                        solr2   : /opt/coldfusion9/collections/solr1/data/index


                        A further test is to check the Apache Solr admin interface



                        Which should now list


                        [ Welcome to Solr! ]

                        [ Admin solr1 ]

                        [ Admin solr2 ]


                        Clicking on either with take you to the Solr Admin interface


                        Under [Cores:] will be listed [solr1][solr2]

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