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    Can I use a spry behaviour to stop an FLV file playing?

    chloe thacker



      Brand new user to Dreamweaver so please be gentle!!

      I've created a page with thumbnail images down the left, to which I have applied behaviours controlling APdivs in the main section of the page. i.e. you click on a thumbnail and an image or FLV file appears in the main window using the show/hide behaviour.


      All working fine expcept - if you don't click 'stop' on the FLV file before you click onto another thumbnail to open another file, the original video keeps playing, as well as the new one. All fine unless you have the sound playing, at which point you get a lovely combination of sounds!


      Can I apply a behaviour to the thumbnail images that stops any 'other' FLV files playing when another one is selected?


      Many Thanks