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    Problem Encoding WMV to FLV with Media Encoder CS4 (but not with CS3)

    Glen Gummess



      I have been attempting to encode some WMV files with Flash Media Encoder CS4 (I have Adobe Creative Suite CS4 installed) but it has failed, generating this error:

      - Source File: C:\Documents and Settings\usf\Desktop\incoming\ch01.wmv
      - Output File: C:\Documents and Settings\usf\Desktop\incoming\ch01_3.flv
      - Preset Used: Custom
      - Video: 624x343, Same as source [fps]
      - Audio: MPEG Layer III (MP3), 128 [kbps], Stereo
      - Bitrate: VBR, 400.00 [kbps]
      - Encoding Time: 00:06:36
      5/28/2010 11:26:16 AM : Encoding Failed
      Error compiling movie.


      Unknown error.


      On another computer where Adobe Media Encoder CS3 is installed (with Creative Suite CS3), I experience no such problem.  I do notice that when I add the WMV to Adobe Media Encoder CS3, it opens a window that prompts me to use "ffdshow", which will apparently work if it's configured to decode the file.  I click "OK" and start the queue in the encoder.  A few minutes later I get a successfully encoded FLV file.


      I have come to question whether Adobe Media Encoder CS4 should be re-installed, whether the entire Suite should re-installed, or if there is some patch or fix I can install somewhere.  Adobe Media Encoder CS4 is installed on my "production" computer which also has Adobe Premiere Pro (CS3) and Adobe Premiere Elements (7).


      Could use some advice here.




      P.S.  the files will also not export to FLV using Adobe Premiere or Premiere elements...