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    connect livecycle form to sql table


      Please pardon me if this is the wrong place to post this  question.  I am new to creating data connections to backend servers and  really need some help here.      I have a sql server table which I have full rights too.  I have created a  system dsn called DataConnection back to the database.  That works  fine.  I created a form in Livecycle Designer ES2 and successfully made a  data connection in LiveCycle called 'DataConnection' back to the table  called 'Facts'.  I'm able to generate the table fields on the form with  no issue and I can see the first record populated when i do pdf preview.      Question 1 - Why is it if I dont have 'delayed open' checked on the  connection properties I receive a message box 'connection for Source  DataConnection failed because the environment is not trusted'?      Question 2 - For this test form, all I want to do is navigate and view  the records  (ie go to next, go to previous).  I followed the sample  from this page: http://forms.stefcameron.com/2006/09/18/connecting-a-form-to-a-database/ and created my navigation buttons for previous and next.  However, when  click the buttons I receive the error that the operation failed because  there was no connection specified.  screenshot is attached.  Can I  someone tell me what I am missing here?      Ultimately what I want is a form that will be available from a web  server that people can navigate data through.  The data will be on a   sql table.   There is no need to update, add or delete records.  They  will just view directly from this form .  Am I going in the right  direction?      Any help is greatly appreciated.      Mike