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    Color picking with Gradient Tool in Full Screen Mode, PS CS5

    db11111 Level 1

      I just jumped from PS CS3 Win XP to PS CS5 Extended, Win 7.  When painting in PS, I use the gradient tool a lot to add quick airbrush-like haze, using a single color to transparent gradient setting. Also, I'm in Full Screen mode most of the time to eliminate visual distraction.


      However, when in Full Screen mode, holding the alt key to color pick when using the gradient tool will not update the foreground color.  If you hit the tab key to bring up the menus and palettes, color picking will work normally.  I want to be able to use the alt key in full screen mode to color pick the foreground color when using the  gradient tool.  Hitting the tab key to get the ability to update the foreground color causes a lot of visual noise and moving around of the canvas, which can be a bit distracting when painting.


      I didn't memorize completely the way that this worked in earlier versions, but I don't remember having to hit the tab key to update the foreground color.  I have the feeling that it worked while in complete full screen mode.


      Am I not seeing an obvious way to get around this?  Is there an actual functionality to this limitation?  If this is an oversight, it'd be great to have this work more smoothly in subsequent updates.


      Thanks for your input!