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    Need Help Quick - Making Paths within Object Transparent

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      I am relatively new to illustrator and need help quick for project I am working on.

      I will explain exactly what I have done so it will be easier for people to help me. I made a design in photoshop wherein I then selected the outlines of my design, converted to path and exported to illustrator. So in illustrator it gives me all these paths, which I then filled in with the different colours I wanted. This is to print on a t-shirt, so I need the background to be transparent. I was able to set the background to transparent and view the transparecy grid to make sure, so now all the area around my design are transparent. HOWEVER, I have a few paths within this jumble of paths that need to be transparent (path surrounded by other paths). Whenever I try and select this path, to use a clipping mask or move to back, and try to make it transparent, it just turns black. How can I make these paths transparent like my background?


      Will really appreciate help and detailed answer if possible