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    How do I edit image viewer slideshow created in CS3, in CS4?


      I apologize for posting this twice...once in a previous post and once here. The reason being...the other post was old (2008) and I'm afraid it might get overlooked. So I thought I'd create a new discussion.


      I created a bunch  of slideshows in CS3 using Insert - Media - Image Viewer. I was looking  for an easy way for my client to update the site themselves. Even  though it creates a Flash element, it is easy for them to go in and  switch out the images. All they do is click on the slideshow box, hit  Window - Tag Inspector and click on the little folder at the side of the  Image URLs' line. Nothing could be simpler. Well...I went in to see my  client to show her how to do this but she has CS4. When I tried to do  the same thing, nothing looked the same. The tag inspector did not have  the same elements in it at all. Does this mean she cannot edit the  slideshows I have created? Ugh...


      If anyone can help  with a work around to this...I'd be very grateful!