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    XFL-Based Author-Time Shared Library Workflow

    iamgowan Level 1

      I'm creating a large project with many different FLAs using symbols pulled from a shared library FLA at author time. It works great, however, the workflow could be simplified (possibly) if the shared library were saved in XFL format.


      I saved a copy of the shared library FLA as XFL. Then, I tried to import a symbol to another FLA from the XFL as author-time symbol references. Flash recognized the XFL document as an accepted source, but did not offer a menu giving a selection of symbols.


      Has anyone tried this at all? Any luck? Is it a bug in CS5?

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          I am trying to understand your workflow better and as you know there are more than one way to share library assets within documents. So when you say that you are importing symbols at author time are you referring to using the Library panel or by setting the symbol sharing properties and then using the browse button in there?


          Let me know.




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            iamgowan Level 1

            Yes, by creating a new symbol, then hitting the Browse button (in the new symbol's properties) to select the FLA, then selecting the symbol from within that source FLA. I cannot select a symbol by selecting an XFL document with the Browse button.

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              Im having the same issue.  With an FLA, hitting the browse button brings up the symbol browser.  With an XFL, the symbol browser does not come up.  Nothing happens.


              Also, if you copy/paste from an FLA library, it will maintain the "Source" reference and have the option to Update the symbol.  If you copy/paste from an XFL, it loses its reference and the ability to update.  It looks like a bug with CS5...



              If you use runtime shared libraries it works.  This is probably the better approach anyways, since you only need to change and recompile a single shared asset.


              Watch out though, i've found a bug with CS5 and RSL...using the new TLF text fields will cause shared library swf files to fail to load!  So stay away from TLF in shared libraries.



              So for you, just take the symbols that you want to link from one XFL to another, and split them into their own shared assets XFL.  Now go to the symbol properties, and export as runtime shared library.  Enter the swf name as the URL.  Comp


              Now copy/paste the symbol into the second XFL or use the Import / Open External Library.

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                iamgowan Level 1



                Thanks for verifying that. I understand the runtime approach, however I'm concocting a solution that will make it easy for designers to visually layout pages and see what they look like at design-time, and for developers to instantly have access to symbols on the stage at run-time (instead of waiting for symbols to load from run-time libraries).


                Also, the resulting SWFs will be published as Flash Lite 4.0.  Decreasing the run-time processing by having the SWFs precompiled with the symbols would be best.


                I think in the meantime, I will use a library based as an FLA.

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                  bdupuis hibernum

                  Having the exact same issue, so the bug is still there. Want to know what's worse? I just downloaded the Flash CS5.5 Trial and it seems to be fixed. But they did not release an update for CS5. Do we have to pay for bug fixes now?