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    Just sharing a solution to a problem some might encounter

    cheftimo Level 2

      I refer the reader to this thread in the Dreamweaver forums: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/648037?tstart=0. This turns out to be a CF Builder issue affecting those who are working with a ColdFusion version earlier than 9 (I suspect I am not the only one), which is why I am posting here. Please look at the just-mentioned thread to see the problem, then read on.


      Among other things, I


      • checked the DW site’s      configuration and tried various combinations;
      • re-installed DW, which      ended up a several-hours ordeal of uninstalling, reinstalling and getting      all the Adobe updates for the entire CS4 suite.


      Neither of the above did anything – the Components panel still showed zero CFCs in a site that contains over 100 of those. An item labeled “<none>” appeared in the window that is supposed to show all the CFCs on my local server; the item did contain 3 CFCs that are part of that zero CFCs site.


      By the time I finished the uninstalls/reinstalls, it was 1 AM. Then I went to the ColdFusion Adminstrator to look around and found a mapping I had never seen before – which must have been created by CF Builder when I attempted to create a CF Builder project. That project creation failed; now I am pretty sure creating CF projects does not work with ColdFusion versions earlier than v9.


      That newly found mapping corresponded exactly to the path to the failed CF Builder project; I deleted it then shut down my computer and crashed.


      First thing I did this morning was to open Dreamweaver and voilá, the site’s CFCs are back!


      Now you know. I hope this helps someone.


      Best regards,



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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Carlos, don't leave us in suspense, dude: what was the name of the mapping? :-)


          That said, I have not seen (or heard) of CFB creating CF mappings, at all. I don't see why it would (or even how, really--it's job is not to modify CF. I'm not aware of any feature that does.)


          At least if you tell us the mapping, maybe someone will say "yeah, I have that too". Or we can search to see if anyone has mentioned it. But really, I wonder if it got there some other way (I supect it would have to be someone, but certainly there is the Admin API where it could be put there programatically by some CF app someone wrote.)


          In the end, though, I do still wonder how it would have affected your seeing CFCs you knew were there. The existence of one (even failing) mapping shouldn't stop CF (or DW, or CFB) from finding CFCs through all the other routes it looks (webroot, custom tag paths, mappings, etc.)


          Hope that's helpful.

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            cheftimo Level 2

            Well, do we have a mystery here?


            I did not quote the mappingt because since it only exists in my local server, I did not think it was relevant to those reading my post. The mapping (mappings in CF8 do not have names):


            Logical path:       / -- (?? not sure – I did not pay attention, just erased it)

            Directory path:          C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\TimoSite\Htdocs\wg\products\CFCs\tinder


            I recognized it because it’s the same “[source path] tinder” that I use in a little Flash Builder project I have been playing with for a few weeks - ‘tinder’ is the folder that contains 3 CFCs + 1 CFM template, and is the one I tried to make into a CF Builder project, to see how it works. That is the project that failed. Before I tried to make that project, everything in Dreamweaver was normal.


            My computer is password protected and I don’t allow anyone to even come near it. If CF Builder did not create the mapping, it had to be me; maybe I was going nuts trying anything to see the project get created. I admit that is possible. Maybe this is your chance to establish once and for all that I am crazy.


            But regarding your “I do still wonder how it would have affected your seeing CFCs …”, what can I say? All I know is, I erased the mapping, closed Dreamweaver and shut down my computer. The next time I started the computer, the first thing I did was to open Dreamweaver and see the CFCs back where they always were before I tried to create that CFB project – everything back to normal.




            Perhaps I should write a book.