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    Printing is Paused


      I have a user who's Adobe Reader 9.0 has stopped printing.  If open File->Print I see that the Status is "Paused; 9 documents waiting".  How does one un-pause printing?  According to Windows Printers-and-Faxes dialogue box, there are no jobs waiting on any printers.  ~wjs

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          370H55V Level 4
          1. Click Start .
          2. Click Control  Panel .
          3. Click Printers  and Other Hardware or Printers and Faxes .
          4. Double-click the Printer icon to open the print queue.
          5. Click Printer in the menu.
          6. Select  Pause Printing if it is not already selected. This will stop all printing to the  printer.
          7. Click Printer again and select Purge Print Documents or Cancel All Documents . Click Yes to confirm the action.
          8. If  there are any documents left in the queue, restart the print queue.  Click Printer and then click Pause Printing to resume printing.
          9. Check  the print queue again to ensure it is clear. If it is not, or if the  queue is clear but jobs are still getting stuck after attempting to  print, continue troubleshooting.
            • If this step did clear the print queue, you do not need to continue to the next step.
            • If this step did not  clear the print queue, continue on to the next step.