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    Span tag with class/id attribute doesn't work in Firefox 3.6.3


      I just installed the newest version of Firefox on my Mac Pro for some beta testing of a website I am building. If I use  <span class ="example"> linking to an external style sheet for the purpose of various text formatting it works like a charm in Safari but will not show the formatting in Firefox unless I go through each text object using the inline <span style="etc..>tag.


      I spent a bit of time in google and could find no reference to this. Actually I found a tutorial site on using the <span> tag and their examples using a span tag with a class attribute didn't show up correctly on Firefox but displayed correctly on Safari as well!!! Is this a function of the new Firefox? I did format my document using Dreamweaver CS5 but the doctype declaration appears to be correct. Or is it the dreaded 'user error'. ha ha. If anyone has any knowledge of this let me know. I'd rather not do all the text formatting inline for obvious reasons.....