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    Export settings for RealMedia


      Hello everybody

      I use PR Pro 1.5 and I created a short video (a collection of .avi source files that lasts no longer than 4 mn) that I need to export in various formats :

      WMP and RealMedia for the web, and then AVI, QT and MPEG1 for cdroms, Knowing that the video is meant to be seen by a large audience, and that the original avi files properties are as follows : 720*576, audio rate=1024 kbps, 16 bits, PCM and video image rate 25/s, 29200kbps.

      I am really new to all the concepts regarding audio and video codecs, time frame, bit rate etc. so I am a bit at a loss with the export settings.

      So far, for each of these formats, my guess would be as shown below :

      RealMedia for the web : export / adobe media encoder

      1. codec : "RM9 NTSC download "32"," 62", "128" or "256 "? I don’t know which to choose or why. And just because 256 seems familiar, this is what I would select.
      2. a- for the “Band width” I’d pick up the “56 dial-up” settings because of the large audience it is aiming at, ..
        b- as for the “band width rate” I can choose between “variable” (average or high quality) or “continuous”, I’d pick “variable (average) because of the diversity of the audience connectivity
        c- and then I have to choose the rate values (default values go from 700 max to 200 average), and here I really have no idea,
        d- Then I have two drop down menus (for video and audio), first for a voice codec : there aren’t any voice on my video, so I’d pick the lowest value = 5kbps, second for a music codec : there’s a mp3 soundtrack on my video (rate: 200kbps, 2(stereo) and 44KHz), so I’d go for the “176kbps stereo music” selection in the drop down list, but I keep wondering why not “176 kbps audio surrounding”, or maybe it could be a lower or a higher rate.
        e- and then again, I have the same two drop down menus (but this time for video only). Basically for the voice codec I’d make the same selection as above for both the voice and music codec.
      3. a-In the video panel, I can decide to change the dimensions of the images. Default is set to 320*340, but my original files are 720*576. So should I change the default settings to match the real dimension of the images ? If I do so, will that increase the weight of my video and as a consequence the duration of download for the internet users ? Maybe I shouldn’t consider this as it should be a streaming video, … then the weight doesn’t really matter, and I can go for the 720*576 resolution. Except I’ve read somewhere that most servers that host videos are not dedicated to streaming, so in the end, the weight does matter for most internet users wishing to watch a video. … Shouldn’t I on the contrary leave the default dimensions as they are ?
        b- and the in the next drop down menu I have to choose the video compression : “Real Video 9” or “Real Video 8” or “Real Video G2”.  So … So G2 rings a bell somehow related to servers specializing in streaming (maybe I am completely wrong here … sorry). So I’d pick up that one to ensure that my video will be streamed. Then as an afterthought, as the total length of my video lasts no longer than 4 mn, maybe I can afford any of the two other options in the drop down menu. But which one is best ?

      Jeez, this is a lot ! I’ll come back later on with my other formats and check if anybody is brave enough to answer !

      Thanks in advance anyway