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    Preview fine in Safari but WAY OFF in Firefox, Flock, Opera....

    AlieneGirl Level 1

      This is really frustrating me because I can't seem to get the pages to look the same in every browser.  I don't have IE (I have a Mac) so I have no idea what it looks like...  Please help if you can. 

      The page is located: http://www.promarevents.com/VA/work.html

      The css is located: http://www.promarevents.com/VA/va1.css


      Here are some screenshots of what is going on:

      Safari, this is how it should look...

      Picture 5.png


      This is Opera.  The image is pushed down and the text runs off the layer.  The same exact thing is happening in Flock and Firefox....


      Picture 6.png

      Flock having the same look.

      Picture 7.png


      I tried changing the code so it looked good in Firefox and Opera, but then Safari was way off...  I received the files from a friend who wants me to make some "minor" changes but this is frying my brain!  Thanks!